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2016 annual meeting
High grade multi media interview show guests a good reception
Tiangong international in Xi'an will be unprecedented
Just past October, the days of heavy harvest is heavy. Not only the harvest of friendship and order in the country, more whipped up a storm day". In October 28th 2016, Tiangong international high-end customers "quality day made the future" as the theme of the annual meeting and thank China made 2025 strategic cooperation forum group signing ceremony was held in Xi'an, from all over the world with more than 300 partners, industry experts, the leadership of the association, the supplier gathered to jointly plan development plans to discuss cooperation and win-win strategy. More than and 20 mainstream media reporters, industry focus event, a large space, long thick and heavy in colours reports. Many of the guests sincerely praise: an enterprise will make such a large scale, so the high grade, the influence so widely in the industry, it is rare.

This is a high grade event
The annual meeting guests high-level, day invited distinguished guests from around the world, including from the five continents of the high-end customers, and partners responsible for 11 overseas subsidiaries, all the major domestic distributors, agents and suppliers, leading Chinese iron and Steel Research Institute, Institute of special steel Yang Zhiyong, China special steel enterprises association secretary general Wang Huai the world, the National Federation of hardware electrical chamber of Commerce Lao Jianbin and big coffee industry association, can be said that the annual meeting guests, starlight.
The annual meeting of high grade, was founded 35 years ago, Tiangong made great achievements in the special steel industry China, creating a remarkable day speed, especially in recent years in product development, equipment introduction, innovation and product quality improvement to the plough, the quality to win the market and customers rely on sure, and will make more efforts in terms of quality improvement, and in May 2016 became the first day of special steel enterprises successfully nominated CCTV discovery "quality" column, the documentary on CCTV discovery "quality" column broadcast, and at the annual meeting of the premiere of the customer. Not only that, is orderly intelligent production, the intelligent manufacturing production as the main direction of the future day, will be the theme of the annual meeting of 2025 manufacturing and China docking, at the annual meeting of the second Chinese signed on as the 2025 Summit Forum on the whole manufacturing only strategic partner ", then the day will be with domestic manufacturing industry leader the head of experts and scholars as well as in-depth discussion on how to promote the Chinese manufacture to China quality", "Chinese made" transformation China manufacturing comprehensive revitalization of the annual meeting, this highlights the higher grade.
This is an event of great concern.
Now the day has become a banner of the special steel industry Chinese, China became the national manufacturing industry to go abroad, to the world, has truly representative of the world, especially the day in response to the "double reverse" won the case, has become the special steel industry Chinese event, for Chinese national industry to win the benefit for the special steel industry China, it also makes this year will become the focus of attention, Chinese metallurgical titanium industry consulting, newspaper, magazines, newspaper etc. tool mechanic authoritative media, CCTV economic channel, CCTV discovery "quality" column, Xinhua Daily, Yangzi Evening News, Zhenjiang daily, Zhenjiang TV, Zhenjiang people's broadcasting radio, and,, network media more than 20 journalists rushed to the meeting site interview.
In addition to attract media, the annual report of unprecedented: a national website "Jinshan network" made a webcast of the conference, Jiangsu Tiangong group WeChat public number synchronization access signal broadcast mobile phone; in the opening shortly after the "quality day, made not to Tiangong international high-end 2016 customer appreciation conference successfully held in Xi'an", "Chinese manufacturing Summit Forum 2025 day of being the only strategic partner" and other news reports from the conference, issued by the Internet spread quickly from all sides; in the afternoon held a press conference, all the media reporters enthusiastically to the top of the company in question, when up to more than and 70 minutes...... According to incomplete statistics,, China, Guangming, Chinese daily Chinese network, China economic network, global economic network, international online, China quality newspaper and other central media, such as Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, Sina News Portal, Xinhua, Jiangsu branch network, Chinese express, Huasheng online, Hualong, Xinmin, Yangzi evening news network, Zhenjiang daily and other local mainstream media, online, metal processing, metal and other industries of the Chinese media, and Zhenjiang TV station, Zhenjiang people's broadcasting station, Zhenjiang mobile phone newspaper Danyang version have conducted intensive coverage, some illustrations, some long record, is never seen this in the previous day annual meeting.
This is a great event.
This year, in terms of customer reception, or the scene carefully arranged, or new product introduction and discussion group meetings, have fully demonstrated the day to customers are thinking, anxious customers, the customer as God, as their loved ones. Many customers said that the day the customer meeting is really great, from which we can learn more knowledge, grasp the technology, use of the product promotion and sales follow-up have played a positive role in promoting.
After the meeting, the Ministry of trade managers have received messages from customers as well as mail, high-end appreciation days, especially international customers in the mail said, to participate in the international day.
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