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Chinese private enterprises 500 list announced
Chinese private enterprises 500 list announced
Day position of private enterprises listed 234Th strong 500 private enterprises manufacturing industry 145th strong 500
Recently, the National Federation of China announced the top 500 private enterprises and private enterprises China manufacturing 500 strong list, day won the 2016 "China private enterprise manufacturing" 500 strong 145th "China, top 500 private enterprises 234Th, respectively over the previous year ranking ahead of 1.
In recent years, Tiangong adhering to the concept of innovation and development, to create high-quality products carefully, optimize the industrial structure, efforts to develop new special and excellent production and drilling tool products, leading the special steel industry China tool manufacturing and development, out of a unique advantage of the day and the road of development, has been widely recognized by the market, with outstanding professional, differentiated by the characteristics of the development, Chinese Gangyan strategy evaluation for the domestic focus of special steel production enterprises, in China special steel production key private enterprises list.
"China 500 private enterprises" and "manufacturing China 500 private enterprises" is the National Federation of industry and commerce, Chinese manufacturing industry association leading ranking, is currently in private enterprises and private enterprises in the manufacturing industry, one of the most authoritative ranking of the most influential. The day China once again among the top 500 private enterprises and private enterprises in manufacturing industry 500, to further enhance the day in the steel industry and the tool and the national enterprise reputation and brand image.
It is reported that in the domestic market last year, the share rate of 40%, the international market share of up to 50%. At present, the enterprises have launched the "85" planning work, the establishment of not less than 35% of the annual growth rate increased year by year, 5 years to build a very influential brand, industry leading force and market dominant new day, to achieve the perfect turned from manufacturing to wisdom made to build quality, make the steel industry China pride.
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