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Chinese Gangyan strategy released authoritative report -- Day among the domestic steel top
Recently, China Gangyan strategy released a series of reports of special steel, Tiangong International Co. Ltd. as the largest comprehensive China high speed steel and high speed steel cutting tool and die steel manufacturing enterprises, become the first production of special steel Chinese key private enterprises.
In August 1, 2016, China Gangyan strategy released "special steel series report two: key domestic special steel production enterprises introduction" pointed out that the domestic steel industry, Taiyuan iron and Steel Group, CITIC Pacific special steel group, the Northeast Special Steel Group, Baosteel Special Steel, Xining special steel, stainless steel of treasure of 6 state-owned steel enterprises, is the advantage of the special steel industry the enterprise occupies a leading position in the industry.
Private enterprises, Tiangong International Company Limited, Jiuli group Limited by Share Ltd, Yongxing special stainless steel Limited by Share Ltd, especially Tiangong international in terms of specialization, highlighting the characteristics of products, become the first domestic private key special steel production enterprises, to provide reference for the transformation and upgrading of special steel industry.
Tiangong International Company Limited is the largest integrated Chinese high speed steel and high speed steel cutting tool and die steel manufacturing enterprises, is the world's high speed steel, mould steel, cutting tool production base, focus on the production of CNC cutting tools and special raw material for high speed tool steel and die steel, titanium alloy, four kinds of products, outstanding professional, difference characteristic. High speed steel production for 19 consecutive years ranked first in Chinese, for 11 consecutive years ranked first in the world; die steel comprehensive strength ranked the world's top four, in domestic and international are at the leading position in the industry. High speed steel tool, in 2015 the domestic market share reached 40%, the international market share of up to 50%. Day in July 26, 2007 in Hongkong Stock Exchange listed on the main board, the subsidiary of technology in December 3, 2015 in China, three new board listed.
With the country to inventory, to capacity and supply side of the deepening of reform, the day is set off a wave of reform and transformation of the new round of reform. Make full use of the "Internet plus" advantage to realize the transformation of production and marketing mode; accelerate the pace of construction of intelligent manufacturing; perfect global sales network to set up overseas branches; accelerate the development of high-end, high-end products production and sales, into a comprehensive industry in the world market, outstanding professional fine special advantage; strengthen brand building gradually, the master discourse right world steel market.
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