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Company Executives

Mr. Zhu Xiaokun,the executive director and chairman of the company. He is responsible for the overall business development strategy of the group, accumulated over 25 years of experience in the high speed steel and cutting tool industry. Mr. Zhu graduated from the Jiangsu Open University (formerly known as Jiangsu Radio and TV University) Department of economics and management. In 1984, joined the Danyang backlanes television antenna factory (Jiangsu Tiangong Group Co. Ltd. [day] group predecessor) as general manager. in 1987, led the factory by a television antenna factory transition has become one engaged in high speed steel cutting tools business enterprises, more than 1992 years later extended to the production of high-speed steel, in 2005,the production of die steel, and in 2012 successive annual production of titanium products. Since in July 1997 has served as the group chairman. He by the Ministry of agriculture awarded director in 1998, national outstanding township enterprises awarded two township entrepreneurs in 2004, granted to workers in Jiangsu province in 2006and awarded the national steel industry workers in 2008,awarded the ten person in 2010 , In 2011, he was awarded the most charitable donation model in Jiangsu province and was awarded the National Labor Medal Award in 2012


Mr. Wu Suojun, executive director of the company and Jiangsu Tiangong Tools Co. Ltd. (Tiangong) deputy general manager, Danyang Tianfa forging Limited company (day) forging deputy general manager. 1993 joined the group as workshop director. He is responsible for the sales, production, operation and management of high speed steel and die steel. He is also responsible for safety and environmental work


Mr. Zhu Wanglong, heavenly love and special limited company (day and love) executive director and deputy general manager. Before joining the group, Mr. Zhu worked in Qian Xiang Cun and Danyang city machinery tools factory. He joined the group in July 1997, responsible for product development, technological transformation, development investment and quality management. He has accumulated more than 20 years experience in production management of tools, high-speed steel and die steel


Mr. Jiang Rongjun,executive director and general manager of the group, joined the group as the workshop director in 1985. Mr. Jiang is responsible for the production, sales and management of titanium alloym factory


Mr. Yan Ronghua,executive director of the company. He graduated from Jiangsu Open University (formerly known as Jiangsu Radio and TV University). In 1994, he joined the group and was appointed as the chief executive officer of the group. He subsequently served as assistant general manager and deputy general manager. Mr. Yan is currently in charge of the group's foreign investment management and supervision and assessment of the group's accounting and warehousing functions


Mr. Liao Jun,chief technology officer of our company. July 1986 graduated from the Chongqing University Department of chemistry, metallurgy and materials metallurgy; August 1986 -2001 worked in Shanghai fifth iron and steel plant, steel plant technology, served as clerk, deputy chief, assistant director; 2001 -2003 worked in Baosteel Group Shanghai five steel companies long stainless steel materials project manager; 2003 -2004 worked in Shanghai five steel company deputy director; deputy director of special metallurgical plant in 2004 -2005 years the inauguration of Yu Baogang shares special steel branch; 2005 -2010 year in July in Baosteel Special Steel Branch steel factory director; 2006 -2008 EMBA attended Shanghai Jiao Tong University; July 2010 -2010 month December worked for special steel technical center of Baosteel Research Institute deputy director; 2011 -2014 took office in June the general manager of Puyang Yuantai high-tech Metallurgical Materials Co. Ltd.; since July 2014 working in Tiangong international science and technology innovation Minister


Mr. Wang Gang,born in December 1983, Chinese nationality, no permanent residence outside the country, master's degree. In September 2008 -2011 year in July in the inaugural KPMG Advisory (China) Co. Ltd., served as a consultant, assistant manager; August 2011 -2012 July inauguration in Hongkong KPMG LLP, assistant manager; August 2012 -2014 year in November in the inaugural KPMG Advisory (China) Co. Ltd. manager; December 2014 to July 2015 worked in Jiangsu Tiangong Group Limited company, chief accountant, since August 2015, the Jiangsu Tiangong Polytron Technologies Inc director and chief financial officer.


Mr. Zhu Zefeng,chief investment officer of the company, in July 2001 graduated from the Xuzhou school finance accounting; September 2004 -2008 April graduated from Canada Durham College, Business Operation Management; 2009 -2015 worked for the Toptech Tools Manufacturing lnc.-Operation Manager; 2016 -2017 worked in Tiangong international Management Trainee


Mr. Jiang Guangqing, executive director of the company. He graduated from the aerospace industry 061 base technical school, joined the group in 1993 and is now a special assistant to the general manager. He is responsible for the production, operation and management of high speed steel cutting tools


Mr. Zhu Jiancheng, special assistant to the general manager of the company, in 1995 he worked at the Ministry of foreign trade salesman day; in 2000 he worked at the deputy manager of sales tools worked in 2006; tool sales manager; 2012 has worked on Brand Trade Manager


Mr. Lu Rongnian,born in January 1976, Chinese nationality, no permanent residence abroad, college degree. In August 1995 -1996 year in December at the Jiangsu Tiangong industrial company quality inspection department; December 1996 -2005 year in December in Jiangsu Tiangong company served as assistant sales manager; January 2006 December 2012 inauguration in Tiangong International Company Limited sales of three (steel export department) sales manager; since January 2013, as international trade International Company Limited. Sales Supervisor Jiangsu Tiangong Tools Co. Ltd. TICO love and steel board

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