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Talent Idea
Day work culture
 Day business philosophy: everything from the integrity of the start
 Day job management objectives: rich and powerful enterprise staff
 The heavenly spirit: solidarity, pragmatic and dare to, Art beats nature.
 Day workers' pursuit: the world has no place to work
 Day work development concept: the tree one hundred years of work to create a well-known brand
 Tiangong development goals: to do the famous enterprises when steel tool industry project
 The workers on the day after the success of the struggle: cherish the hard to continue after the success of the
 Day cadres police training: success is not necessarily the leader of the credit failure is certainly the responsibility of leadership
 Tiangong crisis concept: be very careful care-laden
 Day job market outlook: to create benefits for customers
 View of the production of the day: the production obey the safe production to obey the environmental protection production to obey the quality
 Day workers view: the moral character for the first innovation as the first
 Day work values: return to the community for the benefit of the people
 Day workers view: a man into the day workers and the whole family
 Day job view: do what I say I do
 Heavenly integrity concept: sincere heart meaning in Dexin
 Day workers work creed: passion work diligently pursue harmony
 Day quality policy: quality first, continuous improvement "Tiangong" corporate image, pay close attention to "three fine", and strive to reach the international advanced level, continuous improvement, to provide customers with satisfactory products.
 Day workers quality motto: products reflect the character, character determines the product; quality is moral, quality is the personality; quality is the accomplishment, the quality of respect for the customer.
Day worker standards:
 1, zunzhangshouji, honest and trustworthy, loyal to the heavenly moral first.
 2, industrious and frugal, dedication, hard work, and.
 3, research technology, reform and innovation, hard work and progress - the courage to people.
 4, firm faith, solidarity, heavy responsibilities, work passion.

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